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Nanalysis Corp




Company Information

Nanalysis Corp., a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC), was established in 2009. The company develops and manufactures portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers for the laboratory instrumentation market. In the fall of 2012, the first product was launched: NMReady™, the first fully featured portable NMR spectrometer in a single compact enclosure requiring no liquid helium or any other cryogens. The NMReady is used by chemical professionals in all types of industries (oil & gas, chemical, pharma, biotech, food processing) as well as government and university labs. The NMReady enables all chemical trainees to gain first-hand knowledge of NMR as the premier spectroscopic method by using it in a variety of training environments.

Job Description

This financial management position will provide the function of a Controller for Nanalysis Corp. with the main responsibility being the management and accounting and forecasting for the financial resources of the organization. This position is responsible for the organization’s strategic financial management and the trust it receives from its stakeholders. The Controller supports and advises the CEO and may provide occasional financial updates to the Board of Directors on behalf of CEO.
This position provides the CEO with timely and accurate financial information on the basis of which the CEO can make informed decisions concerning the short, medium and long-term direction of the organization. To this end, the Controller defines, establishes and oversees the internal financial structures and systems including accounting, budgeting and asset management.
The Controller is responsible for ensuring the soundness of the financial internal control systems. The Controller will ensure compliance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and/or other accounting standards adopted by the organization.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1. Participate in strategic, business, financial and resource planning, coordinating the preparation of budgets for the organization and funders.
2. Responsible for day-to-day financial operations of the organization including: management of the general ledger, banking, investments, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, government reporting and remitting.
3. Manage cash flows.
4. Monitor the revenues and expenditures of the organization compared to budget and explain variances.
5. Provides financial reports to the CEO, and staff.
6. As authorized by the organization’s CEO, endorse cheques, contracts and other legal documents on behalf of the organization.
7. Develop, implement and monitor all finance-related policies and procedures, according to sound accounting practices and the needs of the organization.
8. Liaise with external financial accountants and ensure production of annual financial statements.
9. Oversee financial elements of strategic partnerships with outside entities
10. Coordinate all payroll requirements, including new hires, terminations and salary adjustments.
11. Administer employee benefits plan.
12. Maintain banking relations.
13. Liaise with legal agents on financial matters.
14. Work with manufacturing people to improve inventory control systems, and assist in pertinent aspects of procurement
15. Other related work may be required.

Contact Information

Nanalysis CorpManufacturingRobert Borkowskyrobert.borkowsky@nanalysis.com403.769.9499http://www.nanalysis.com
Posting Date: 27-Feb-2017ManufacturingAccounting and Finance Contract (includes summer), Part-Time ContractToHire Open 103-Apr-2017
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