CPA Alberta Pre-Approved Program: The future of Recruitment for CPAs

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Career Srvices

May 9, 2023

May 9, 2023 • by Career Srvices

CPA Alberta is excited to announce the launch of Pre-Approved Program (PPR) badges for employers on our CPA Alberta Job Board. 

The CPA Alberta Pre-Approved Program is an innovative and exciting initiative that provides benefits for both employers and CPA candidates. 

By participating in the program, employers can demonstrate their commitment to the profession, and gain access to top talent. CPA candidates benefit from greater transparency and exposure to high quality job opportunities with pre-approved employers. 

PPR Badges - Benefits of using the PPR Badge for employers: 

  • The badge allows employers the visibility to be identified by candidates. 

  • Being able to attract top talent- Candidates are looking for an organization that will support them through the designation process. 

  • Providing candidates with the opportunity to work with an organization that prepares future CPAs to become certified through providing supervision, guidance, and instruction on practical ethical issues through on-the-job training and progress reviews. Thereby creating dedicated workers. 


How to access the badge: 

Step 1: If you are already a registered employer and looking for CPAs studying towards their designation, connect to your account and create your posting on our CPA Alberta Job Board.  

If you do not have an account, create one at CPA Alberta Career Centre Employer Services, select your preferred package and create your posting. 

Step 2: Email to have your badge added to your employer profile. 

Step 3: The job board coordinator will upload the badge on your profile, and it will appear on every posting you create. 


To learn more about the CPA Alberta Pre-Approved Program and how to become pre-approved, visit the CPA Alberta Pre-Approved Program Pre-Approved Program (