Benefits of using enhanced, premium and platinum packages on CPA Alberta Job Board

Written by
Juliette Morard

May 17, 2023

May 17, 2023 • by Juliette Morard

If you are an employer in search of a CPA for your team, you already know how important it is to attract and retain top talent in the accounting and finance industry. 

One way to ensure that your job postings stand out from the crowd is by utilizing the job board services offered by CPA Alberta. 

CPA Alberta offers a comprehensive job board service that provides employers with a variety of posting packages to suit their hiring needs. 

Enhanced package 

The enhanced package offers all the benefits of the standards, which are a 30-day posting duration and access to basic analytics to track the number of views and applications received, with the added advantage of priority placement in search results. This means that enhanced posting is more likely to be seen by job seekers who are actively searching for accounting/financials jobs. 

Premium package 

The Premium package offers all the benefits of the enhanced package with additional feature: 

 your job posting will be listed on our homepage to reach even more candidates. This means that premium job postings will be more visible for job seekers. 

Platinum package 

The platinum package is the most comprehensive of all the packages offered by CPA Alberta job board. 

In addition to all the benefits of the enhanced and premium package, Platinum postings receive even more prominent placement in search results, making them the most visible job postings on our CPA Alberta job board. 

Platinum Supports difficult to fill positions by increasing your employer branding and exposure and gives access to the resume database.  


Ready to take your recruitment efforts to the next level? Upgrade to one of CPA Alberta’s packages today and unlock all the benefits designed to connect you with our CPAs.  

Visit our website or contact our team at  to learn more about our offers and get started on finding the perfect candidate for your organization.