Leveraging your LinkedIn profile for a job search

Written by
Javier Vinsome

Jun 1, 2023

Jun 1, 2023 • by Javier Vinsome

LinkedIn should no longer be considered “optional” but rather viewed as an indispensable business networking tool by every working professional.

Consider the following relevant LinkedIn statistics:

  • LinkedIn boasts over 900 million members, with 58 million registered companies.
  • LinkedIn revenues increased by 26.2% in 2022.
  • More than 72% of recruiters utilize LinkedIn for hiring purposes.
  • Having a profile picture on LinkedIn makes you seven times more likely to be discovered.
  • Including at least two past work experiences on LinkedIn increases your chances of being found by 12 times.
  • A complete LinkedIn profile will garner 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages than those that are incomplete.
  • InMail, LinkedIn’s messaging feature, elicits significantly higher response rates compared to emails. On average, InMail senders receive responses at a rate of 18-25%, while emails only yield a 3% response rate.

LinkedIn is an expanding network where professionals have a significantly higher chance of establishing meaningful connections by actively engaging on the platform, particularly when seeking to connect to recruiters for career opportunities or when sending InMails to elicit a response. Recruiters prefer to screen talent on LinkedIn to assess professionalism and branding consistency. Employers also appreciate seeing a complete and professional profile. Leveraging your LinkedIn profile for job searches, networking, career transitions, or exploring companies of interest has significant benefits.

Recently, CPA Alberta completed a comprehensive workshop on LinkedIn profiles where Javier Vinsome, a CPA Alberta Career Advisor, demonstrated how to leverage a profile, send connection requests, and message potential connections for opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more, check out LinkedIn Live! Maximizing your Profile for more information, or connect with Javier on LinkedIn.