Which province had the most layoffs in 2023?

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RH Reporter

Jul 17, 2023

Jul 17, 2023 • by RH Reporter

Technology, construction industries hardest hit by employee terminations


According to research conducted by Capterra, Quebec had the highest number of layoffs in 2023. The study surveyed employees from small and medium-sized organizations, and 31% reported experiencing job reductions within the past year. Provincially, Quebec had the highest percentage of layoffs at 36%, followed by British Columbia at 32% and Ontario at 30%. The construction and technology industries were particularly affected by layoffs.

When asked about the pace of layoffs, 41% of respondents said it had increased compared to the previous year, while 26% reported a decrease, and 29% stated that the pace had remained unchanged.

The main reasons cited for job losses were cost-cutting (46%), a slowdown in operations (35%), a decrease in available funds (21%), outsourcing (14%), and mergers (11%). Interestingly, 10% of respondents were not provided with any reasons for the layoffs by their employers.

Regarding support for terminated employees, 37% of respondents stated that their company offers support after layoffs, while 30% said their company did not provide any support. A significant portion (33%) were unsure if their organization offered support.

The survey also highlighted that many organizations lack a formal offboarding process. Only 26% reported having an exit strategy, while 45% stated that no strategy was in place, and the remaining respondents were unaware of such a process existing within their organization.


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