Celebrating International Mentoring Day: Recognizing the Impact of the CPA Mentorship Program

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CPA Alberta

Jan 18, 2024

Jan 18, 2024 • by CPA Alberta

On January 17th, 2024, as we marked International Mentoring Day, we take a moment to acknowledge the substantial impact of mentors and mentees within our CPA mentorship program, representing various backgrounds. Our program is founded on principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, evident in our careful mentor-mentee matching process. 

Notably, our 2023 intake saw a significant return of mentors, exceeding 40%. This consistent engagement suggests a perceived value in their involvement, prompting mentors to return and engage with new mentees. 

For mentees, the advantages are practical. Mentorship provides a platform for career development discussions, offering a seasoned perspective for idea exchange and feedback. Additionally, it serves as a confidential space for mentees to navigate significant career changes. 

Research consistently highlights the impact of mentorship on career progression, especially benefiting newcomers to Canada in expediting their professional growth. This aligns with our commitment to fostering inclusivity and support. 

On International Mentoring Day, we extend our appreciation to all mentors and mentees, recognizing their contributions to the program's success. May the mentorship journey continue to serve as a steady force for personal and professional development in the years ahead. 

While the next CPA mentorship program intake is slated for Spring, we recognize the immediate need for career development. During this interim period, we recommend exploring the CPA Build Resource for mentorship and career advice. 


For information on our CPA mentorship program* visit: https://www.cpaalberta.ca/Services/Career-Centre/Mentorship-Program

*Intake for this program typically opens in May.