Resumes That Get Interviews - Intermediate/Senior (Webinar)

Written by
Eric Pye
CPA Alberta

Nov 29, 2018

Nov 29, 2018 • by Eric Pye

Even with the rise of social media and LinkedIn, resumes remain one of your most important career marketing tools.

This seminar focuses on how to modernize your resume. Whether you are out of work, looking for a career change, applying for a volunteer Board position, returning to work from a temporary leave, or simply want to maintain an up-to-date resume, you will benefit from this session. 

Learn about:

  • the key components of an effective resume,
  • the importance of relevance to employer needs,
  • how to showcase your strengths and accomplishments,
  • formatting documents to work with applicant tracking systems and electronic resume scanning, and
  • how to write a strong cover letter.

Link: Access the webinar recording on GoToWebinar.


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