Tips to attract the right talent in a post-pandemic work environment

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CPA Alberta

Oct 20, 2021

Oct 20, 2021 • by CPA Alberta

This year, organizations have started to rebuild post-pandemic and redefine what regular business operations look like. So as hiring ramps up, organizations are replacing lost talent while searching for quality candidates for new positions. Despite a positive outlook, recruiting still faces many challenges: a gap in finding skilled workers, career changes, and an increased remote workforce dramatically impacting global competition. These factors will make it harder for organizations to find and retain the right talent.

To assist those looking to attract the best talent, follow these tips to get your job posting noticed:

Look for talent in the right place

Recruiting is a lengthy process. Sorting through piles of resumes can be a wasted effort if the applicants are not qualified. By utilizing niche job boards for recruitment, like CPA Alberta’s Job Board, an organization can target individuals in a particular industry and find the right individual in less time.

Avoid generic job descriptions

A job description is the first connection you will make with a potential employee. Many companies miss an opportunity to stand out and engage quality talent by posting generic job descriptions from an outdated archive without evaluating its relevancy or updating the content. If you want the best, you need to attract the best. Check out these tips on how to create more appealing job descriptions.

Look for transferable skills

Just because a candidate doesn’t have the exact skills outlined in the job description, doesn’t mean they are not a great hire. Transferable skills provide opportunity for diversity and improve innovation in your organization. Companies with a mix of both hard and soft-skilled employees are more agile and pivot quickly in the face of obstacles.

Invest in training

It is a known fact that if you invest in your employees, they invest back. Offering an upskill and training program is a fantastic way to attract loyal employees. Showing that your company believes in growth allows potential applicants to see a future with the organization, plus it creates a sense of future job security. Learning new skills can also increase company morale and reengage long-standing employees looking for new challenges.

Offer flexible work schedules

Well before COVID-19, employees were seeking more work-life balance. After months of stay-at-home orders and working remotely, employers have been forced to let go of traditional office practices and typical working hours to allow for an autonomous work environment. The pandemic has proved that a hybrid model of working from home with some office time will not affect most business practices or efficiencies. Employees are looking to their employers to offer some balance and will want to understand how remote work will be supported. By providing some flexibility at work and immersive corporate culture, an organization will look more attractive to quality employees seeking new employment or looking to change jobs.

Finding a qualified employee begins with looking in the right place. Discover top talent in the finance and accounting industry in Alberta by visiting the CPA Alberta’s Job Board today and post your job.  

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