LinkedIn Live: Maximize your Profile!

Nov 23, 2022

Nov 23, 2022


LinkedIn is the number one business-related social networking platform. Are you capitalizing LinkedIn to maximise your presence online? Whether you are working in your dream job, responsible for business development, or looking for your next job, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for developing and maintaining your social capital.

Day 1 live session - we will walk through how to create an effective profile that showcases your personal brand. Session includes:

  • What is a proper background and profile photo?
  • How to create a brand tagline and a compelling about section
  • Choosing language that increases your visibility to recruiters, peers and potential clients
  • What other sections of a profile exist and how and why to use them

Day 2 live session - we will walk through how to use LinkedIn to meaningfully expand your network and create an impactful social media footprint using a wide variety of the platform’s features.  Session includes:

  • Security settings
  • Using your news feed effectively
  • How to use groups
  • When, and if, you should pursue LinkedIn premium
  • Analyzing

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NOTE: Day 1 and Day 2 can be taken together or individually.