Jobseekers tips: What are the best days of the week to apply for jobs?

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Javier Vinsome
CPA Alberta

Feb 13, 2023

Feb 13, 2023 • by Javier Vinsome

There appears to be mixed opinions on what the best times and days to apply for a job.

Should jobseekers apply late in the evening on Sunday and hope Human Resouces will look at their resume first?

Should jobseekers apply for a job on Friday to get your resume in before the weekend to beat the rush?

Let’s review some data on application days vs. interviews.

A review of several employment blogs and studies consistently indicated Monday, during morning business hours was the best time to apply to maximize the chance of being contacted for a job interview. Statistics show that most job seekers (37%) will apply on for roles on Tuesdays, however Monday was consistently the best day to apply.

According to the data below from TalentWorks, we see a breakdown of the day's candidates applied plotted against their interview success. The data suggests that applying at the beginning of the week significantly improves your chances for an interview.

The numbers don’t Lie, apply on Mondays.

Don’t apply on Fridays or Saturdays.

They offered another suggestion when it comes to scheduling interviews: Get the earliest appointment you can in the day. Hiring managers are more inclined to look favorably on candidates they speak to first rather than later in the day when they may be fatigued.

By Javier Vinsome, CPA Career Advisor

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