Looking for a career Change?

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Mar 23, 2023

Mar 23, 2023 • by Admin

If you are in mid-career, you’ve likely been working for 10 years or more. Making mid-career transition can be challenging, especially if you are investing a significant amount of time and effort in your current role. 

However, it can be a good opportunity to explore new areas of interest and fulfill your career aspirations. 

But whether you are simply bored with your current job or looking to do a complete makeover, making the change isn’t a decision you can make at the moment. Here are some tips to make your transition as smooth as possible: 

  • Consider your motivation; it is important to understand what motivates you to bring those changes. Are you looking for a change of pace? A new challenge? Better work-life balance? Better compensation? The answer to this question will help you decide the direction you will have to take and what kind of role you are looking for. 

  • Review your transferable skills; as a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant), you have developed a wide range of skills that can be applied to a lot of industries and roles. 

  • Discuss your new goals with other CPAs (Chartered Professional Accountant), co-workers, friends, or family. Networking with others in your desired industry is a critical part of a successful career transition. Connecting with others in your desired industry to learn more about the job market, industry trends, and potential job openings. 

  • Improve your skill gaps; look at the current job posting to find which skills are necessary for the role you are looking for. You may need to take a class, a course, or some volunteer work that allows you to learn new skills. 

In conclusion, a career transition can be challenging but a rewarding process. 

By identifying your motivation, exploring different industries and job roles, networking with others, and considering more education or training, you can successfully navigate a career transition and find a new role that aligns with your professional goals and interests.