The value of mentorship

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Mar 28, 2023

Mar 28, 2023 • by Admin

CPA Alberta’s annual Career Development Mentorship Program in 2022-23 had an unprecedented number of participants–over 140 mentors and mentees. With the 2022/23 program cycle coming to an end on March 31, it is a fitting time to review the importance of mentorship and how participants in the program find value in the mentorship relationship. Nida Fatma CPA, CA, CGA is a first-time mentor in the program and shares her experience in mentoring.



Nida Fatma CPA, CA, CGA



How would you describe yourself and your career?
I am a member of CPA Alberta with over seven years of experience as an auditor in Deloitte & Touche (Dubai). I moved to Canada in 2019 and I am currently working as a Corporate Controller at Steelhaus Technologies Inc. (Calgary). My key achievements include being featured in CPA Alberta’s Capitalize magazine and being one of two Deloitte staff selected (from over 200 applicants) to go on an international secondment program to South Africa.

While not at work, I enjoy exploring the mountains, ice skating, yoga, reading, and even trying my hand at cooking.

What does mentorship mean to you?
In my opinion, mentorship means not being afraid to share your raw and unfiltered experiences so that others can benefit from your learnings. It also means creating a safe space and listening without any judgement.

Why did you decide to become a mentor/mentee?
I have a constant drive to keep learning and building my experience, which is what drove me to take part in this program. My migration to Canada opened my eyes to the wealth of global experience I can share to add value to our CPA Alberta network and even help new immigrants in the Canadian workforce.

Describe your mentorship experience.
My mentorship experience was enlightening! My mentee had certain topics that she wished to discuss, and we covered those in detail in our regular bi-weekly meetings. We shared our experiences with each other and even motivated each other to complete our e-learning and CPD hours.

What have you gained from being a mentor?
I gained a valuable lifelong relationship with my mentee. Even though the program is over, we both know that the door to communication is always open. Along with this, I have also gained insight into how I can continue to add value through this program to other upcoming CPAs.