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Edmonton Horticultural Society



Posted Jan 171556506

Company Information

The Edmonton Horticultural Society (EHS) is a volunteer-led and managed non-profit organization operating in the city of Edmonton since 1909.  The Society provides programs and services for members in the areas of urban beautification, food gardening and sustainable gardening as well as providing numerous public gardening opportunities.

Job Description

As a member of the Board, the Treasurer acts in a position of trust for the community and is responsible for the effective governance of the Society. The Treasurer is accountable to the Board of Directors. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to:

•        Oversee the financial functioning of the Society

•        Ensure that accurate accounts are kept of Board receipts and disbursements for Board related expenditures

•        Speak to the Board members regarding the development of budgets in partnership with the Executive Team

•        Serve on the Executive Committee

•        Lead a Finance and Budget Committee

•        Generate and analyze Financial Statements

•        Oversee funding arrangements and assist with the development of a risk management plan

•        File all EHS mandatory reports i.e. Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and Alberta Corporate Registry

•        May oversee an independent audit from an outside accounting firm

•        To provide CRA support to the society

Certification or Education Required:
• Experience in accounting and financial management

• Willingness to become familiar with and abide by the Government of Alberta Societies Act and the Government of Canada Charities Act
• Familiarity with budget preparation and monitoring, financial record keeping and reporting
• All the requirements of Board membership

Applicable Interests:
Gardening; volunteerism;

2 Years or More

Contact Information

Edmonton Horticultural Society
Not-for-profit and Charitable Organizations
Maggie Neilson
Acting Secretary