Board Member

Do you have a passion for learning and an interest in contributing your skills?

Calgary Learns is a charitable organization that builds community capacity to address the learning needs of adult foundational learners. Through program funding and professional development opportunities for facilitators, Calgary Learns enable non-profits to offer effective foundational learning programs to help adults learn basic skills (e.g. English, reading, digital, pre-employment) and enable them to participate more fully in life.   

Who are we looking for?

For this volunteer Board position, we are looking for:

  • an experienced accountant (5+ years) with knowledge of non-profit accounting
  • an individual who understands diverse communities

The Role of our Board

The board of directors ensures Calgary Learns makes every effort to achieve its purpose and mission. It is the link between the organization, its members and its stakeholders.

The board governs with an emphasis on

  • A proactive future orientation, the organization’s vision and our strategic leadership.
  • A commitment to inclusion and the active encouragement of diverse opinions.
  • Clear distinction between board and executive-director roles.
  • Collective rather than individual decisions.

The board is responsible for producing and monitoring performance on the following policies and procedures.

  • Purpose, mission and strategic goals: organizational outcomes and impacts.
  • Self-governance and process: how the board carries out and monitors its responsibility.
  • Relationship with the Executive Director: How the authority and accountability of the Executive Director is delegated and monitored.
  • Operational framework: guidelines, principles and constraints on operations, including risk management, and financial and program management.

The Calgary Learns Board is a policy governance Board that meets 6-8 times per year in our new office across from Chinook Mall.


Visit to learn more about this position and how to apply for this rewarding position.