This is a volunteer position working for a nomination contestant for a political party in the upcoming Provincial Election.

The successful candidate must hold designation with the CPA.

You will have access to a bookkeeper and must be willing to delegate tasks accordingly.

Your name will be made public, you must represent yourself to high professional standards.

Primariliy you will be working from your home, with corresepndance transffered via email, phone, and in person.

You must have the ability to manage election finances and abide by Election Finances and Conrtibutions and Disclosure Act, RSA 2000, c E-2

You will follow all Elections Canada policies in finance and be familiar with requirements.

Specific dutes: Manage election costs and donations which are not exceed a budget of $10,000 and appropriately discard any surplus over that amount. Manage memberships for teh political party that have been sold by the employer. Manage donations and ensure they are in compliance with  the Alberta Elections Act.

This opportunity is to commence immediatley and will end no later than May 31, 2019.

New graduates are welcome to apply.