Volunteer Treasurer for Board of Directors

ROLE: Volunteer Treasurer 

PURPOSE: The Treasurer of the Board works closely with senior management to ensure the effective management and timely, accurate reporting of the financial performance of the Calgary Youth Justice Society on an ongoing basis. The Treasurer also performs a liaison role between management and the board to ensure that board members have reliable information about the financial affairs of the organization in order to make or support decision making and to understand the implications present in the information.


• Carry out all duties and expectations of a member of the Board of Directors of the Calgary Youth Justice Society.

• Quarterly review of financial results and monitoring against approved plans and budgets, and inform board for the purpose of determining any actions to be taken.

• Assist with the selection and recommended appointment of the External Auditor, meet with the auditor at least annually and approve the scope and plan for the annual audit.

• Ensure that appropriate financial policies are approved and implemented effectively in the organization.

• Recommends the annual operating budget and plans to the board for approval.

• Review and monitoring of the organization’s risk assessment and mitigation plans. Recommend action to the board as required.

• Ensures that all financial reports and other relevant financial information regarding trends, assessments or other issues are made available to the board for discussion and action as appropriate.

• Review and monitoring of the organization’s investment activities to ensure compliance with the investment policy. Recommend action to the board as required.

• Report financial statements to the community at the Annual General Meeting.

• Signing authority.


Certification or Education Required

Understanding of Financial Statements and Practice of Accounting normally demonstrated by Professional Accounting designation and relevant work experience

Attendance at monthly board meetings, Prepares and reviews board materials and financial reports


2 years