Volunteer Treasurer

Description of Charity/Foundation:
We are a non-profit, charitable organization offering a 3 week adjudicated performing arts festival. We encourage amateur performers of all ages and skill levels to take part in the Festival. Areas of interest include a multitude and variety of music, musical theatre and vocal and spoken word.

In 1931, a small group of eager musicians decided to take their love of music to the next level by creating an event called The Calgary Music Festival. The Festival began as a small competition but quickly grew so large that this small group of musicians approached the Kiwanis Clubs of Calgary to take ownership of the Festival, giving it the new title: The Calgary Kiwanis Festival.

Since then, the Festival has become one of the greatest performing arts events in Calgary, and one of the largest amateur competitive festivals in North America. In 2014, Calgary Kiwanis Festival underwent another name change and became The Calgary Performing Arts Festival.

Description of Role:
1. Review and present regular financial statements and forecasts at meetings of the Board with the Executive Director;
2. Ensure appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board;
3. Oversee the development of the Society’s budget and its presentation to the Board for consideration and approval;
4. Maintain regular contact with Executive Director to provide guidance on financial matters;
5. Act as a signing officer;
6. Oversee the independent audit of the Society’s accounts and submit the audited financial statements to the Board and to the Annual General Meeting;
7. Ensure that the books of account and accounting records of the Society are kept as required by law;
8. Chair the Finance committee.

Certification/Education Required:
– Possess CPA, CA, CGA or CMA designation;
– Possess an understanding of financial accounting for nonprofit organizations;
– Experienced in budgeting and forecasting, cash flow management, and financial analysis;
– Small business and private enterprise accounting experience would be considered an asset;
– Critical thinker, and ability to further the Society’s objectives through proper financial planning and analysis.

Applicable Interests:
The Calgary Performing Arts Festival is seeking to fill the Treasurer position on the board.

The candidate will naturally have a passion for the performing arts, and is looking to be an active part of the arts community.

The candidate will be committed to fulfilling the needs of the people the Society serves, and act as an active advocate and ambassador for the Society. They will assist and support the Executive Director in identifying and securing financial resources and partnerships necessary for the Society to advance its mission – including but not limited to engaging their professional and personal networks to advance the Society’s mission.

2 Years or More

Charity/Foundation Website: https://www.cpafestival.ca/
Emily Fraser
Email: emilynfraser@gmail.com

File: CPAF-Treasurer-Posting-October-2018.pdf