Senior Designated Accountant

Here's your chance to grow and contribute to a fast paced firm that is turning a new page as it enters its 6th year of public practice!  We are seeking to fill the positions of (1) Accounting Technician and (2) Senior Designated Accountant.  The right candidates will have a minimum 5 years experience in public practice. Priority will be given to those with significant experience in a paperless office.

As a key member of a small team you will be integral to the planning, preparation, and finalization (meeting with clients) of all areas of personal and corporate accounting/tax.  As time passes you will also have the opportunity to train additional staff.  Your great interpersonal and computer skills will assist you in enjoying and succeeding in the position.

About the Positions:

  • Salary (not hourly positions) based on experience
  • 2 weeks' vacation plus time off in lieu for overtime during office closures (2 weeks over Christmas and potentially 1 week at the beginning of May)
  • Focus on quality and turnaround, not on time
  • Opportunity for growth in responsibility and salary

About Hill & Company:

  • Located in West Edmonton
  • 6 - 7 Staff firm
  • Focus on Compliance, Advisory, and Planning to Individuals and Small Businesses
  • Award winning service, Outstanding resources (including you!), and Fixed prices!
  • Paperless Office

How to Apply:

  • Email your resume to along with a summary letter with answers to the following:
    • How many years experience do you have in a paperless public accounting position?
    • Where and what is your current / most recent position?
    • What are your five year aspirations?
    • What can we do to make this carreer position the right fit for you for the long term?
    • What is your salary expectation?

We look forward to the opportunity to work together and to help each other grow into the future!