Treasurer- Volunteer Board Director


The Treasurer shall be responsible for providing financial stewardship to Wheelchair Sports Alberta

The person shall ensure timely presentation of interim statements and recommend for approval the annual audited financial statement.



  1. Chairs the Audit, Finance, and Risk Management Committee.
  2. Ensures the presentation of and recommendation for approval of Wheelchair Sports Alberta’s annual financial statements in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.
  3. Reviews, prior to issue and review by the Board, all official Wheelchair Sports Alberta’s Documents that include financial statements or other financial information.
  4. Ensures the external audit function is effectively carried out and recommends the appointment of the external auditing firm and its remuneration.
  5. Ensures Wheelchair Sports Alberta implements appropriate systems of internal control over financial reporting and security of assets that follow legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements.
  6. Monitors and reviews emerging issues and proposed changes in accounting Standards.
  7. Annually reviews all insurance coverage. The Treasurer shall chair and oversee such other Committees as the Board shall designate from time to time.
  8. Orients the new Treasurer.


Requirements and Abilities for all Officer Positions

  1. Commitment to the vision, mission, and work of the organization.
  2. Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board governance: policy, finance, programs, personnel, and advocacy.
  3. Willingness to serve on committees.
  4. Attendance at scheduled Board meetings.
  5. Attendance at meetings of assigned committees.
  6. Attendance at Annual General Meetings
  7. Support of special events.
  8. Support of, and participation in, fundraising events.
  9. Knowledge of current and historical events of the association
  10. Organizational skills
  11. Strong communication skills
  12. Fiscal management skills, knowledge, and comprehension
  13. Integrity, diplomacy, strong work ethic


Specific additional skill requirements for the office of Treasurer

  1. Strong understanding and comprehensive knowledge of accounting and accounting practices
  2.  Holds a recognized accounting designation.
  3. The intellectual capacity to understand complex issues
  4. An appreciation of stakeholder accountabilities and the importance of performance standards