Volunteer Treasurer

Description of Charity/Foundation: 
Founded in 1982, Lacombe and District Music Festival Association (LDMFA) is a Lacombe based not-for-profit performing arts organization and registered charity.

Our mission is to build better citizens one performing artist at a time.
Our Vision is to have reawaken, in every member of society, an understanding of the health, intellectual, social and economic benefits of education and participation in the performing arts. To once again re balance the technological skills of information transfer with the art of communication.

Every May for 11-16 days LDMFA hosts the Lacombe and District Performing Arts Festival (LDPAF). LDPAF focuses on youth ages 3-19 however provides education and performance opportunities for all members of society in the disciplines of Dance, Music, Dramatic and Speech arts; our motto: “Something for everyone”. Now in our 38th year is indeed a rare and vitally necessary performing arts festival where worlds meet and growth begins.

To all of us at the LDMFA, the festival really is a model for the kind of society we’d like to see. A society that is creative, diverse, inclusive and innovative. As the world builds more and more walls and as societies get suspicious and afraid of people who don’t look like them and think like them, we believe in the trans-formative power of the arts and the festival is our way of ensuring Performing Artists have a say in the societal view we value.

Our programming is rigorous and quirky with an appetite for experimentation, deep thinking, and curiosity. We see performing artists as important voices in the larger community, allowing us to step into the worlds they create, while also addressing the pressing questions of the one we inhabit. We offer a model for dialogue, a possibility for an inclusive community that is unafraid of striking up conversations – both cheerful and difficult.

The festival’s byline, ‘Where Growth Begins’, speaks to our focus on artistic collaboration. We create what we like to call ‘good friction’ by looking beyond the easy middle ground in order to foster true curatorial risk-taking. Our approach also includes unusual pairings of the local with the international, traditional with contemporary, and unexpected genres coming together.

Our Cultural Code:
The need for Performing Arts crosses all boundaries: We are the “other” sport so Win, Win, Win. Wins for the artist, wins for the community and wins for society.
We are not trying to save the Performing Arts: We use the Performing Arts to save our youth.
Do more with less, do a lot more with more.
Donor reciprocity is Job 1.
Listen first, then listen more.
Choose positivity, default to transparency, always bias for action.
Let everyone find themselves in the Performing Arts: something for everyone!
No story without numbers, no numbers without stories.
Create fun, a little weirdness and practice the same magnificence we expect from our Artists.
Make an impact: leave people better than you found them.
Remember we don’t promote and teach the arts to make professors or teachers, we promote and teach the arts to make humans.
Remember if you cherish an idea, change to maintain it!
Not everyone has physical prowess, We are the other Sport!

Description of Role: 
The Treasurer plays an instrumental role by supporting the LDMFA Committee to ensure the financial health of the organization and leading the Board to meet their fiduciary responsibilities. LDMFA is looking for a Treasurer who can also augment the financial literacy and oversight capabilities of the board and to participate in Strategic Planning for the future of the festival.

Role Description
We are looking for a new board member with a collaborative heart and a fully developed need to help our youth. The role will continue to play a key role in shaping LDMFA as we continue to grow and evolve. As a member of the Board of Directors, your experience, professional expertise, and passion will allow our Society to reach the next level of operation.

In exchange for volunteering with us you will be provided with an opportunity to meet new people, develop leadership and communication skills, expand your professional network and have a positive impact in your community.

The required commitment for the Treasurer position is as follows:

The ability to serve for a minimum of two (2) years, starting no later than October 2019
Attend bi-monthly board meetings in person or via electronic communication method.
Attend the yearly AGM in person
Fulfill responsibilities as outlined below (estimated 3-4 hours per month)

Finance Management, Administration & Reporting
Ensure the organization is meeting all its fiduciary responsibilities; including Federal charity forms (T3010)
Monitor the financial results of the organization.
Oversee the development and observation of the organization’s financial policies.
Develop financial reports for the Board and membership

Certification/Education Required: 
The Committee is particularly interested in candidates with a willingness to learn, grow and contribute, we need nothing more. If you have any experience in the following areas we would certainly put your skills to use:

Not-for-Profit accounting (current software Quick Books, however could be changed)
Financial Management in a Performing Arts or Not-for-Profit organization
Financial Management and Accounting practices for Canadian Charities
Board Governance

In addition, candidates should agree with;

The LDMFA’s Mission, Vision, and Cultural Code and a demonstrated passion for the Performing Arts
Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Previous not-for-profit board experience is an asset
Ability to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of a Board Member

Applicable Interests: 
The arts is cross cultural and has an unbounded ability to embrace and but to service any and all interests.

1 Year to 2 Years

Charity/Foundation Website: https://lacombestagelife.com 
Dr. Craig Colegrave
Email: cccolegrave@gmail.com