Volunteer Accountant

Description of Charity/Foundation:
IOTAD is committed to advocating for and supporting a creative sustainable economy by the transformation of ideas into value based enterprises. In doing so we build a community of sustainable ‘creative class’ businesses through the IOTAD focus on people, place and process.

As such, IOTAD brings together creative enthusiasts whose goal is to influence social and economic sustainability through the vitality of its numerous diverse projects and programs. Our interests lie in interdisciplinary working methods, participatory and educational culture, network and personal professional development and working with like-minded individuals.

We do this in a space designed for exploring, engaging and experiencing all things art.

Description of Role: 
We are in need of someone to teach us more about doing our own bookkeeping. A few days of tutoring on QuickBooks.

Applicable Interests: 
Someone who is interested in the arts.

1 Year or Less

Marianne Garrah
Email: arts@iotad.ca