Volunteer Board Member

Description of Charity/Foundation: 
The mission of the George Spady Society is “to provide a continuum of support services to people with complex life circumstances associated with substance-related disorders, mental illness and homelessness, empowering them to improve their lives through client-centered, evidence-based best practices.” To this end the Society operates an overnight shelter and detoxification Centre located in downtown Edmonton. The Centre provides a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for men and women under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. The Society also provides transitional support facilities, a ‘housing first’ program that places and supports clients in independent housing, direct clinical services to clients and permanent supportive housing specifically designed for chronically homeless individuals with multiple barriers.

Description of Role: 
The George Spady Society is a policy governance board that is currently recruiting volunteer Board Members to support the Society with accomplishing its vision of providing a place where people find dignity, hope and healing while on a new path towards health and wellbeing. Desirable areas of expertise and experience include, but are not limited to, Board Governance, accounting and finance management, the law and legislation, health care or non-profit management along with an interest in learning more about and supporting the community we serve. 

Certification/Education Required: 
All education and certifications will be considered. As the Society’s Board is a policy governance board direct, operational work with the organization’s financial systems is not required. The Society has a very skilled Finance Officer on the staff team leaving an individual with specific accounting knowledge to act as a guide, advisor and knowledge holder to aid the Board in executing it’s roles and responsibilities.

Applicable Interests: 
The Society values and employs a harm reduction approach to its services therefore Board Members are required to uphold that principle. If you have an interest in making a difference and working towards ending homelessness in Edmonton this is the board for you.

2 Years or More

Charity/Foundation Website: http://www.gspady.org/ 
Michele Markham
Email: Boardchair@gspady.ab.ca