Volunteer Treasurer

Description of Charity/Foundation: 
For almost 30 years, the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors (CAFE) has promoted the careers of freelance editors in Calgary and area. CAFE matches editors with writers who express themselves in a variety of genres, from poetry to policies and from novels and short stories to technical manuals.

Editors help writers to improve the quality of their writing, not only focusing on the details of grammar and punctuation, but also the substantive and stylistic changes necessary to clarify an author’s vision and voice.

CAFE is a professional association. Beginning with a small group of editors exchanging editing information, it officially incorporated as a society in 1998. Now, up to 70 members and over 200 friends, affiliates and organizations from the editing, writing and literary community at large are invited to CAFE’s programs and events.

CAFE programs provide a mix of social, learning and networking opportunities—social get-togethers; organized tours; academic forums such as panel discussions and round-tables; skills-based working groups and workshops; and guest speakers and lectures.

Description of Role: 
As a member of the board, the treasurer will provide the association with sound financial advice, planning, and management.

• Maintain bank accounts in collaboration with the president.
• Oversee all financial transactions.
• Prepare financial documents.
• Attend monthly board meetings.
• Report to the board.

• Prepare and manage an annual budget.
• Maintain a synoptic ledger of financial transactions.
• Manage CAFE’s income, expenses, petty cash and bank accounts.
• Collaborate with the Membership Coordinator on membership renewals and member event attendance fees.
• Act as a dual signing authority for financial expenditures.
• Provide regular financial status reports to the board.
• Complete an annual financial report for the association’s AGM.
• Prepare and sign an annual governmental financial report as per the Society’s Act.

Certification/Education Required: 
CA, CGA, or CMA designation preferred

Applicable Interests: 
Any of the following:
• Editing
• Writing
• Literary arts
• General arts interests

1 Year to 2 Years

Charity/Foundation Website: www.calgaryeditors.com 
President: Caralee Hubbell
Email: calgaryeditors@gmail.com