Volunteer Board Director for Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Description of Charity/Foundation:

The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO) is a member-based non-profit organization serving voluntary sector organizations in Metro Edmonton.
ECVO helps voluntary sector (non-profit and charitable) organizations to build and sustain their volunteer programs and services through resources, networking, and skill development opportunities.

To strengthen the public service voluntary sector in Metro Edmonton by:
• Leading in the voluntary sector
• Building capacity within the voluntary sector, and
• Giving voice to issues that impact the ability of the voluntary sector to be effective

A strong, vibrant community strengthened by an effective voluntary sector working with government and business.

• We serve Metro Edmonton in all its’ diversity and strive to be as inclusive as possible in our relationship building and issue championing.
• We aim to be a collective voice by working collaboratively through partnerships, alliances, and working agreements.
• We are committed to strong working relationships with the non-profit sector, business, and government.
• We do not duplicate the services provided by our members and partners.
• We operate in a way that is socially, financially, and environmentally responsible.

Description of Role:As a part of ECVO’s volunteer board, directors are pivotal in helping steer the organization towards achieving its strategic goals and funded outcomes. Board Directors adhere to policies and bylaws in coordinating sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management practices for the organization, including approving the annual budget and ensuring the organization has sufficient resources to achieve its mission.

The Board Director – Finance is a specialized position occupied by a director who has extensive accounting and financial experience to provide guidance and expertise on matters related to ECVO’s budget and financial standing.

Role & Responsibilities of the Board
• Advise, govern, and oversee policy and direction and assist with the leadership and general promotion of ECVO to support the organization’s mission;
• Monitor Board policies and recommend revisions;
• Examine and approve changes to membership criteria, provide guidance on member engagement, and support efforts to grow ECVO’s membership;
• Participate in the development of strategic plans and annual reviews;
• Provide direction and approval on the organization’s annual operating budget;
• Elect Board Executives, including Char, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary;
• Establish and participate in committees, as required;
• Approve recommendations received from the Board, standing committees, staff, and the community to enhance ECVO’s mission
• Select or appoint individuals to represent ECVO on appropriate external committees

Specialized Responsibilities
• Provide insight, guidance, and expertise on matters related to ECVO’s budget
• Monitor and maintain ECVO’s positive financial standing

Certification or Education Required:
Skills & Experience
• Professional expertise in finance and accounting; CPA designation would be an asset
• A high level of administrative, organizational, and leadership skills
• Experience working in the human services sector is an asset
• Knowledge of board governance and/or experience serving on a non-profit board

Board Directors are elected for a term of three years with an option to renew for one additional three-year term. Directors must hold an individual ECVO membership throughout the duration of the term.
The Board normally meets five times per year, with meetings held in June, September, November, January and March. All Directors are expected to participate in or attend the yearly Annual General Meeting, held in May. The meeting dates and times are determined by the Board.
Directors are expected to serve on standing committees: Governance Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, Membership Committee. Additional ad-hoc committees are established on an as-needed basis.