Volunteer Treasurer

King Edward Child Care Society (KECCS) is an incorporated, non-profit charitable organization. It maintains, operates and conducts quality and affordable child care and out-of-school care programs.

For governance, the organization relies on volunteers, usually parents or guardians of the enrolled children. For the role of Treasurer, this can mean that experience with business finances may be limited. Having a CPA as Volunteer Treasurer would be a tremendous asset to KECCS.

The Volunteer Treasurer:

  • Ensures all monies paid to the Society are deposited in a financial institution as chosen by the Board
  • Ensures a detailed account of revenues and expenditures is presented to the Board as requested, including a monthly statement at each Board Meeting
  • Ensures an audited statement of the financial position of the Society is prepared and presented to the AGM
  • Is responsible for applying to and managing any government grants for which the society is eligible
  • Reviews and improves the organization's financial processes as needed
  • Chairs the Finance Committee of the Board
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee