Volunteer Treasurer


Alberta Printmakers is a non-profit contemporary arts organization, located in Calgary, that has been active for 31 years. We operate an office, studio and gallery space. We host workshops and demonstrations, artists exhibitions and fundraising events. In order to reach a diverse audience, we communicate to our membership and the general public via our newsletter, website and social media.

We are searching for an enthusiastic Chartered Professional Accountant to maintain and strengthen our currently stable financial position. We employ two staff which include an Executive Director and a Studio Assistant. We also work with a bookkeeper to keep our monthly financials up to date.

The volunteer Treasurer position includes the following responsibilities:

  1. Member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  2. Overseeing the financial functioning of Alberta Printmakers and providing regular reports to the Board on its financial state.
  3. Keeping financial records for Alberta Printmakers.
  4. Developing annual budgets, with the assistance of the Executive Director, for presentation to the Board.
  5. Acting as a signing officer for financial transactions.
  6. Acting as a liaison between the auditor, bookkeeper and the Board, and
  7. Ensuring that a financial audit is completed in a timely manner.

We encourage Chartered Professional Accountants to apply for this key volunteer position on our Board. To find out more about us please google Alberta Printmakers.

Please send your resume to director@albertaprintmakers.com and, if you have questions, please call Michelle at 403-287-1056.