Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Transformation is underway at the City of Saskatoon. We’re offering an opportunity of a lifetime to effect meaningful change in the community where you live.

As a Chief Financial Officer, a key member of the executive leadership team, you will provide strategic leadership to all parts of the organization and contribute towards corporate direction, policy, and decision making. With strong experience guiding and mentoring a team while creating a citizen-centric culture, you build strong networks with your team, across the organization and with industry and business colleagues.


You are a strategic, multi-faceted leader who values collaboration, loves a challenge and can readily adapt and respond to new and evolving conditions, priorities, technologies, and requirements. Your skills combine a deep understanding of all aspects of strategic financial management including leading municipal practices involving corporate investments, debt management, procurement practices, land development, servicing and sales, and corporate customer service.


The way people describe you

  • An expert on financial and accounting practices who sets the highest standard and integrity for their team and the organization.
  • An inspirational and intelligent people leader who sets the direction for corporate culture and fosters employee engagement and innovation in an evolving and complex environment.
  • Energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive with the ability to positively and productively impact both strategic and tactical initiatives.
  • A seasoned change agent familiar with change management methodology and capable of creating excitement while providing leadership in an organization embarking on transformational level change.
  • An exceptional communicator skilled at facilitating and making presentations, as well as writing strategies and reports.
  • A mentor and coach, willing to share knowledge and to ensure that staff reporting in have the abilities, skills, and knowledge to cope with the demands of the job.
  • Passionate about continuous improvement and client service delivery.


The experience you bring

  • Strategic leadership, development, direction, and support to all the departments under the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Strengthening overall employee culture and driving change initiatives at all levels by working with the leadership teams and union representatives to meet organizational goals.
  • Developing and implementing short and long-term programs that drive organizational effectiveness and foster a work culture of trust, integrity, respect, courage, safety, and people matter.
  • Preparing written and oral reports in response to enquiries of City Council, Committees of Council, senior administration, and the public. Representing the City to the media on areas of responsibility.


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