Director of Finance and Operations

Director of Finance & Operations (DFO)

Trellis – We’re here to unlock potential across generations

Trellis is a Calgary-based social services agency that grew from the amalgamation of Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary and Aspen Family & Community Network Society on June 15, 2020. Growing from a combined history of 117 years, trellis is building on the work of both legacy organizations to offer a continuum of 34 programs for over 9,000 people each year designed to support children, youth, adults, families, and communities. The programs and services offered open a path upward for people from all sorts of backgrounds, including those caught at the intersection of society’s most complex needs.

Trellis works to end youth, adult and family homelessness and creates space for belonging and exploration in our community. We provide education and employment connections and support safe home environments for everyone we serve, including youth and children whether that be in their own home or through foster care or group care. We support deeper connections by meeting people where they are, across all cultures, languages and diversity spectrums. Trellis is committed to empowering individuals and communities with the support they need to grow beyond life’s challenges and reach their dreams.

Role Description

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, this position is responsible for the leadership and management of the finance and accounting team including payroll. Additional duties include management of the agency's facilities, grounds, and vehicle fleet, responding to preventative and emerging needs.

The DFO is responsible for ensuring the fiscal stewardship of the programs and services of the Agency and ensuring consistent financial and operational practices are adhered to within our various program delivery streams. In this role, the Director will assist the Leadership team in preparing and monitoring individual program service budgets and financial reports. Planning and developing financial policies; ensuring accounting practices are in accordance with recognized accounting principles. are also key responsibilities of this role. While the CFO will maintain primary accountability for the IT and information management needs of the organization, the DFO works collaboratively with the CFO to ensure that the technology needs of staff are being met. This position is responsible for directly supervising the Accounting Manager and the Business Operations Coordinator.


Duties and Responsibilities Leadership

  • Provide Finance and Operations teams with direction and ongoing performance feedback, supervision reviews, annual performance and development reviews.
  • Meet with team on a regular basis to ensure activities are aligned with business and strategic goals
  • Participate in management meetings for Senior Leadership, Business Operations and Managers


Fiscal Control, Quality Assurance and Risk Management

  • Act as the annual budget lead (set timelines, prepare templates, gather data & present to board for approval)
  • Conducts internal control testing to ensure adherence to policies and ensure best risk management practices are implemented to protect the agency
  • Ensure compliance to all standards, policies, procedures and practices relating to fiscal control and treasury (Cash Management), GST, excise taxes, etc.
  • In conjunction with Finance Manager, preparation of the agency’s CRA return, CMHC and Statistics Canada reports
  • In conjunction with the Finance Manager, monitor the investments made with surplus cash balances, aiming to maximize returns within policy risk limits
  • Investigate and recommend loan lending terms for asset purchases
  • Approval journal entries and ensure integrity in postings
  • Review balance sheet reconciliations
  • Prepare monthly financial statements and associated variance analysis
  • Compile the monthly reporting package for management, Finance committee and Board
  • Ensure that Directors and Managers receive accurate monthly budget reports and significant variances are reported
  • Advise Leadership and Management to ensure overall Program revenues and expenditures       are within allocated budgets
  • In conjunction with Program Directors and senior leadership, review funding contracts - City, Province, Federal, United Way, AHS, etc and provide financial reports as outlined in contracts
  • Provide support, direction and leadership in the maintenance of existing programs and development of new and innovative programs from a financial perspective
  • In conjunction with the Finance Manager, act as the main contacts for external auditors. Perform higher level functions as required by auditor
  • Complete and/or assist in the completion of proposals and funding reports for existing or new funding entities
  • Participate in the implementation of the Trellis Strategic plan. Set priorities that align with the plan & improve processes & fiscal responsibility for the agency
  • In conjunction with the Finance Manager, attend meetings with bankers to reporting on audits, inform of upcoming business activities, advise of financial requirements, negotiate fees and change signatories as required
  • Perform annual review and administration of insurance policies to assess sufficient coverage for all asset classes and operational risk areas
  • Communicate with insurance advisor and adjudicators of claims


Facilities, Transport and General Operations

  • Analyze internal process to recommend and implement procedural or policy changes to improve operations, such as supply changes or contract changes
  • Continually assess asset management practices and make recommendations to policy to improve upon current practices
  • Be a member of the agency’s Health Safety & Wellness Committee
  • Directing and planning essential services such as, security, maintenance, cleaning, waste disposal and recycling
  • Work with the CFO to establish and define procedures for record retention ensuring protection and security of files and records, transferring and disposing of records according to retention schedules and policies
  • Work with the CFO to establish standards and procedures for central filing systems
  • Supervise and coordinate work of contractors as required. With support from the CFO, prepare documents for tender
  • Oversee construction and renovation projects to improve efficiency and to ensure the facilities meet environmental, health and security standards and comply with National and Governmental regulations and standards
  • Manage expenditure of Capital Project grants
  • Liaise with staff, contractors, and other external service providers to ensure all facilities meet agency standards for facility presentation, cleanliness, and equipment
  • Ensuring the Renfrew facility meets all Fire and Health Safety requirements
  • Support programs to ensure all other facilities are meeting Fire and Health Safety requirements
  • Plan and implement office systems, layout and equipment procurement
  • Procurement of assets – Source vendors and work with the CFO to negotiate agreements to maximize value to the agency
  • Review service contracts and make recommendations for required goods or services to achieve maximum value for money, effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • When possible, utilize and supervise volunteers and/or practicum students
  • Telephone (land line and cell phone) key contact person – responsible for liaising with service provider to ensure maximum user satisfaction
  • IT key contact person - with support of the CFO is responsible for liaising with service provider to ensure maximum user satisfaction



  • An accounting designation is required and a facilities management or  project management degree would be optimal
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience coordinating all aspects of both finance and facilities administration activities for organizations of at least $10 million in revenues
  • Experience with a wide range of data base and business intelligence applications
  • Significant contract negotiation and management experience
  • Excellent priority management and strong organizational skills with a passion for working in fast paced, evolving environment
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Clear and concise communication and negotiation skills
  • Someone who can be trusted as the face of Trellis as it relates to external suppliers and regulators, exhibiting the utmost in professionalism when interacting with colleagues and the public


To apply for this role, please email your resume and cover letter to:

Tony Harvie, Managing Partner - CultureSmith