Treasurer, Independent Board Director, South Calgary Primary Care Network, Board of Directors

TITLE: Treasurer, Independent Board Director, South Calgary Primary Care Network, Board of Directors


TYPE: Volunteer


The Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a made-in-Alberta approach for improving access to family physicians and other frontline health providers in Alberta. Each network acts as a hub to develop programs and services that meet the local health needs of patients in its area. PCNs are established within the framework set by Alberta Health, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and Alberta Health Services (AHS). There are currently 41 PCNs in Alberta.

Established in February 2006, the South Calgary Primary Care Network (SCPCN) includes the areas south of Anderson Road to the southern, western, and eastern city limits. This is the fastest growing area in Calgary. Today, SCPCN has 268 member doctors at 65 clinics.

SCPCN programming is developed and delivered in partnership with community family doctors and wellness partners to offer patients sustainable accessible timely primary health care via the Medical Home. Research shows that people who are connected to a family doctor and visit them regularly have better health outcomes. In addition, they receive better chronic disease care, make fewer visits to the emergency room, and are hospitalized less often.



Together leading optimal personal and community wellness.



To build healthier communities in south Calgary through the evolution and transformation of primary care in collaboration with our wellness partners.



SCPCN is a publicly funded, notforprofit corporation governed by a nine-person Board of Directors.

The Board has broad governance oversight; work of the Board includes stewardship of corporate strategy via the strategic plan, financial oversight, approval of annual operating budgets, the management of key leadership positions, and the approval of long term and/or high value contracts, amongst other responsibilities.



The Treasurer of the SCPCN Board will Chair the SCPCN Joint Human Resources (HR) and Finance Committee;

The Treasurer must be an accountant and leader who has a clear understanding with strong financial literacy and business acumen. The Treasurer will be responsible for leading the Committee’s duties, responsibilities; be able to commit the necessary time; be available in urgent matters and in times of crisis; and have the requisite business financial communication and leadership skills;




  • Works with management to set the Agenda of the Finance Committee;
  • Ensures that all Committee members receive and review materials prior to meetings - and makes requests for necessary additional information in advance - so that members can devote time during the meeting for discussion
  • Works with management to ensure the usefulness (reliability and clarity) of information received by the Committee;
  • Chairs the Finance Committee meeting such that the time is used effectively;
  • Presides over the Committee focussing discussion on important issues- quality financial accounting, corporate reporting and effective internal controls
  • Facilitates Committee discussion to ensure that all Committee members understand the critical risks to SCPCN, risks to corporate strategy, its business model or its survival;
  • Ensures the Committee’s effectiveness in working together and directing management in a unified voice.



  • Sets the tone: dedicated, probing and independent - able to hold management to account, when necessary;
  • Ensures that all Committee members are engaged;
  • Promotes communications - both informal and formal - between Committee members;
  • Spends time between meetings working with management to ensure that all relevant issues are identified and addressed;
  • Considers the dynamics around the Committee table (including working and communication styles of individual members) and chairs the meeting so that discussion is balanced;
  • Ensures the Committee has the mix of skills (both hard and soft), experience and personal attributes relevant to the business of SCPCN;



  • Supports the Director of Finance and fosters open communication via a transparent trusting relationship;
  • Proactively meets with the Director of Finance to focus on between-meeting developments;
  • Balances the focus on SCPCN’s long-term financial health while holding a view of short-term performance;
  • Acts as a sounding board for the Director of Finance by injecting objectivity into SCPCN’s financial disclosures;



  • Effectively oversees auditors - internal and external;
  • Makes recommendations to the Full Board; including negotiating the fee, the scope of the audit, initiating a tender process, recommending to the appointment, reappointment and removal of the external auditor;
  • Ensures appropriate plans are in place for the audit - including the overall workplan, planned levels of materiality and proposed resources to execute the audit plan;
  • Reviews and monitors management’s responsiveness with the external auditor’s findings and recommendations;
  • Assesses the effectiveness of the audit process - including consideration of tangible and intangible factors (i.e. judgement, quality control, character, knowledge etc);



  • Works with the Board Chair, the Executive Director, and the Full Board to align Committee oversight with the work of other Board Committees.



Independent Directors are elected for a term of one year; terms are renewed annually up to 3 years with a maximum of two successive 3-year terms

The Treasurer of the SCPCN Board of Directors is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Board



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