Volunteer Treasurer

Board of Directors

Job Description - Treasurer

The Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society (FRAMS) is a registered charity and not-for-profit organization that promotes and supports the Royal Alberta Museum (RAM). FRAMS promotes RAM’s objectives through public engagement, the operation of FRAMS programs and activities, and the purchase of artifacts for the museum’s collection. Established in 1982, FRAMS is made up of a volunteer board of directors (up to 12 directors) and general members. The FRAMS board of directors is the legal authority for FRAMS.


The treasurer is responsible for the financial management of FRAMS and administers fiscal matters for the organization.



  • Be an individual member in good standing of FRAMS
  • Abide by the bylaws, code of conduct, and all policies that apply to the board
  • Sign the FRAMS oath of confidentiality
  • Commit to the mission and work of the organization
  • Prepare for and participate in quarterly board meetings, board retreats, and additional meetings as necessary
  • Serve on the executive committee and chair the finance committee 
  • Attend the FRAMS Annual General Meeting (AGM) and, wherever possible, other FRAMS/RAM events
  • Support and participate in FRAMS fundraising activities
  • Understands financial accounting for non-profit organizations



The treasurer serves for a two-year term, which may be renewed with the approval of the board, provided the individual will not exceed the three-term limit on the board. Should a treasurer be appointed mid-term, that person will fulfill the unexpired term of the previous treasurer, or to the conclusion of their third term, whichever comes first.



The treasurer, as a director, is fully informed on organizational matters and participates in board deliberations and decisions which includes:

  • Participate in the development of the FRAMS organizational plan, strategic plan, and policy reviews
  • Establish and implement FRAMS’ purpose and mission
  • Participate in defining vision, mission, and values, and ensure policies, programs and actions are consistent with that vision, mission, and values
  • Establish and monitor governance policies
  • Consider and vote on policy and other recommendations brought before the board and its committees
  • Be familiar with the bylaws and policies, and recommend additions and/or revisions when appropriate
  • Approve the hiring/release of FRAMS staff, based on the recommendation of the executive committee
  • Assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the board, committees, staff members, and community to enhance the mission of FRAMS
  • Responsible for the insurance renewal process
  • Identify prospective board members and, when appropriate, help recruit and mentor them
  • Ensure the effective control of all expenditures in accordance with the approved budget
  • Present financial reports at quarterly board meetings and other meetings as necessary
  • Monitor FRAMS financial investments and make recommendations to the executive and board as necessary
  • Commencing in January, oversee the preparation of the draft annual budget for approval at the February board meeting
  • Be an approved signatory on FRAMS cheques
  • Work with office administration and contract bookkeeper to:
    • ensure the safe custody of FRAMS funds with accurate and up-to-date records of all moneys received and expended by FRAMS
    • ensure that all FRAMS financial filing requirements are completed and submitted to the relevant legal authorities on time
    • monitor and plan cash flow requirements
    • oversee and monitor the accurate management and expenditure of FRAMS casino funds
    • ensure that charitable receipts are issued correctly and in a timely fashion
    • ensure that deposits are made on a regular basis
    • implement an annual schedule for payroll processing and cheque-signing
    • assist the auditor with access to all key financial records in preparation for the annual audit
  • With the auditor, present the draft audit report to the board for approval at the May board meeting
  • Present the approved audit report at the AGM
  • Review FRAMS financial policies and procedures and recommend any necessary changes to board policies and procedures and/or amendments to bylaws


The treasurer’s performance is evaluated within the context of the annual evaluation of the board. An assessment tool will guide these discussions, which is led by the president. This assessment occurs normally between the May board meeting and the AGM. Ideas for improvement are actioned and, upon approval of the board, implemented following the AGM.