CPA Mentor and Mentees for Career Development Mentorship Program

Intake is currently open for the CPA Alberta Career Development Mentorship Program!  

CPA actively requires senior-level mentors in leadership (Executive/CFO/CEO/VP/Senior) roles in all industries to mentor their CPA peers who are looking for career progression. All levels of mentors and mentees are welcome to apply!

The Career Development Mentorship Program matches a CPA mentor to a CPA mentee for a six-month relationship Acknowledging that a CPA’s career is not only limited to their technical skills, the program is designed for CPAs to bring their full-self to mentorship to learn how to bring their whole selves to work. The Program allows mentees to connect with mentors who have diverse experience and knowledge in the workplace, and community. Participants learn to effectively manage career goals, aspirations, and professional development. It provides an expanding network for CPAs to learn, share and engage with their peers on topics about everyday real-life work situations and solutions.

What to expect from this program:

  • Mentor/mentee match based on job preferences, diversity, and personal priorities
  • Extensive training on mentorship relationships and diversity (see program details)
  • Develop leadership and relationship building skills
  • Design and implement a goal-oriented career plan
  • Access an exclusive online discussion board to engage with your peers
  • Ongoing support from the Mentorship Program coordinators
  • A minimum time investment of three hours per month including meeting prep time and mentor/mentee meetings
  • The official program length is six months, running from September 2023 to March 31st, 2024

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