Financial Controller

Who you Are

You’re a financial sleuth.  Little in life gives you more satisfaction than auditing spreadsheets to perfection.  “I can’t reconcile these statements!” might as well be a foreign language in your vernacular. 

Your friends ask you to audit their spreadsheets because they know you will find the errors they missed.

The thought of using Google Sheets to do a job meant for Microsoft gives you an ulcer.  

You’re proud of your financial work. You understand the importance it plays at the organization. When leaders need to make decisions, they rely on your insights.  When investors ask you questions about their money, you treat them with white gloves.   When auditors go through your work with a fine tooth comb, they learn from you.  They share your work with their junior colleagues as an example of what good record keeping looks like. 

You enjoy breaking down complicated financial and accounting principles for mere mortals.  You have the experience to know when something is better recognized on a cost accrual basis and the patience to explain your reasoning to others. 

You treat the financials with the gravitas they deserve.  You are a sentry.  You employ controls that sound off alarms as soon as anything is awry. 

While many fear the taxman like they fear the unknown, you’re his favourite client.  You’re organized, on-time, accurate and precise.  You might as well have written the book on modern day record keeping.  Whether they be T5013s, T2s, or TGIFs, you get them done at the earliest possible moment while others are scrambling for Box 26a information on March 30th. 

You look to technology to increase efficiency and accuracy.  The fewer steps that involve mistake-riddled human hands, the better, you say.

Your friends describe you as a consummate professional, a self-starter, and a Financial badass.  A fixer.  A doer.  A documenter. 

You’re ready to start in March.  

Who We Are

Startup TNT’s mission is to be the best seed-stage investor in your town. We do this by building, nurturing and sustaining an awesome startup community. We then catalyze investment capital into the most promising startups from the community. 

We believe that the success of our startup community depends on all of us. It is an outcome of how we jointly leverage the resources we have at our disposal here at home. Fundamentally, we believe it requires entrepreneurs, scientists, investors and service providers to build lasting relationships. Only then can we unleash the full potential of our startup community. 

We have one simple mantra to achieve our goal: Have Fun. Make Friends. Build Companies. 

Since our inception in December 2019, we have raised more than $12M for 90 Western Canadian Startups at 30 Investment Summits directly from our network of over 350 Angel investors, many of them investing for the very first time. We host weekly happy hours in 5 cities across 3 provinces that are attended by thousands of guests annually.

We run programming throughout the year, including 11 Investment Summits that have 350-400 participants every year, 40+ education sessions, 6 massive pitch nights, and a weekly meet-up in 5 cities.  We invest millions of dollars every year syndicated one $5,000 cheque at a time.  

We are half-way through raising a $5M Venture Capital Fund to unleash even more investment into our communities.  

We want a financial controller that will steward our finances today while setting us up for success as we scale.  

Your Role

The Controller will be responsible for overseeing all financial and accounting aspects of our business, which includes a parent-company Not for Profit, a VC fund, a series of syndicates, and other corporate entities.


Internal Accounting:

  • Manage a dedicated internal Bookkeeper/Admin. 

  • Design, direct, and execute a comprehensive program of regular financial tasks including, but not limited to, account reconciliations, accounts payable/receivable, payroll, treasury, monthly/quarterly/annual close processes, payroll, and other bookkeeping requirements, to be completed through management of the Bookkeeper. 

  • Complete this for all entities to varying degrees of robustness/with varying degrees of activity - one NFP, four LPs, three GPs, and 16 corporations. 

  • Structure the bookkeeping to track costs associated with various different grant-funded programming


Internal Financial Reporting and Analysis:

  • Generate and analyze monthly financial reports to senior leaders and colleagues that provide a timely, valuable, and accurate financial insight into the business

  • Construct and provide quarterly financial statements that meet ASNPO guidelines for the Board of Directors

  • With the assistance of the senior leadership, own and maintain a rolling three-statement 18-month forecast for the organization


External Reporting:

  • Lead the annual audit and tax filing for the NFP, address findings and recommendations, and administer corrective actions

  • Lead the annual external financial statement development and tax filings for the subsidiaries of TNT.

  • Alongside the sales-focused members of the team, manage performance and financial reporting for the series of federal, provincial, and other granting bodies that TNT receives funding from. 

  • Alongside the sales-focused members of the team, manage performance and fulfilment reporting for the series of sponsors and contributors that TNT receives funding from. 

  • Submit all necessary filings and reporting to the various securities commissions in relation to TNT investments


Syndicate and VC Fund Reporting: 

  • Alongside the GPs of the Fund and syndicates, report on a regular cadence to Startup TNT’s 400+ investors their investment balances and performance. 

  • Working with the GPs of the Fund, develop and execute on a reporting framework for Startup TNT Capital Summit Fund I LP and associated entities. 

  • Manage the external annual financial and tax reporting for the syndication entities and the Fund with external accountants, including T5013s and annual financial statements. 


Financial Controls and Compliance:

  • Develop and implement rigorous internal controls to safeguard company and investor assets and prevent fraud

  • Ensure financial policies and procedures are being followed


Cash Management:

  • Manage banking and treasury activities for all entities, maximizing interest earned on latent cash while ensuring cash availability when needed. 



  • Support the structuring of investment syndication entities so that investors are able to receive tax credits (at all and also) in a timely manner, across all jurisdictions in which we operate, where relevant. 

  • Alongside the bookkeeper, administer the paperwork for tax credits across all jurisdictions 

  • Manage the full spectrum of tax-related duties including preparing and submitting filings across all entities


Process Development, Management and Optimization:

  • Architect and implement process improvement initiatives that support and empower Startup TNT as we scale across Canada and internationally

  • Implement cutting edge financial tools, software, and systems to operate the financial program efficiently and accurately

  • Collaborate with colleagues to gather financial data and implement new financial systems


Corporate Hygiene:

  • Own the minute books, accounting, and tax filings of all entities (~20) at the organization, working with external advisors as needed.

  • Produce T4s for employees and manage the end of year Payroll processes required by the CRA.

  • Keep all insurances up to date for the entities.


Why Work at Startup TNT?

There is really only one reason to work anywhere:  It is enjoyable and provides a sense of fulfilment.  

We strive to embody our 5 values in everything we do to ensure those two criteria are met:

  1. Fun

  2. Welcoming

  3. Empowering

  4. Entrepreneurial

  5. Epic

We work hard and play hard.  We take the mission of Startup TNT to heart and integrate it into our very existence:  Have Fun.  Make Friends.  Build Companies. 

We’re fast paced and action packed.  We continuously challenge ourselves to provide more value, offer better services, and work more efficiently in carrying out our mission.  

People at TNT are committed to the mission.  They are passionate about what we do and their role in it.  

We are a team.  We are built on the principle that collectively we can achieve what individually we never dreamed possible.  

And while we are a not-for-profit, we act and think like a startup.  

Does this sound like a place you want to be?  

Apply today.